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Our Story

From manually assembling the NY Times at 6am every morning while working at her family's deli and grocery shop as a little girl, to managing one of her family's restaurants while a full-time college student, to the life-changing moments in between like getting married and having her now four beautiful children - Jackie of Jackie & Sons has fulfilled her dream, to open her own restaurant.  When she had her first son, Santino, she left her job in NYC and shifted her vision back toward the industry she's known and loved since she was a little girl. Ready to open her heart, talent, and passion to the world through Jackie & Sons, she got to work making the mouthwatering menu and designing every inch of the store with the goal of creating an unmatched customer experience.

Jackie's family comes from the city of Nazareth and Village of Rama. When she goes back home every year, she not only gets to experience the love and affection from her friends and family, she also gets to experience the delicious Palestinian food that her family whips together every day. Jackie's mother, grandmothers, and many aunts are gifted cooks and imparted upon her the importance of serving fresh, authentic, rich in flavor food that's always beautifully displayed without exception. 

Jackie's lineage of extraordinary cuisine is on full display at Jackie & Sons. Whether you are in a rush and need to grab take out, seeking a great vibe to work or hang out while chowing down, or looking for the ultimate dining experience, Jackie & Sons will hit the spot every time. Jackie sees Jackie & Sons not simply as a restaurant, but instead, as a beacon of  love, flavor, creativity and most importantly, a place you can count on and be inspired by each and every day.

About Us

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